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Schlumberger Ltd

Schlumberger LTD. is a oilfield service company. Products and services are supplied for seismic and drilling operations as well as other related logistical and related operations.

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5599 San Felipe St. Ste. 1700
Houston, TX 77056


  • in Submersible Pumps

    Schlumberger electrical submersible pumps for various applications. EZLine electric submersible pump is suited for oil wells with 5.5 inch and larger casings, oil well with high water cut, coal bed methane wells and gas well dewatering. REDA Hotline electric submersible pumps feature abrasion resistance and bearings to withstand abrasive liquids under high temperatures. Coiled Tubing-Deployed electric submersible systems are ideal for problem wells, wells unsuitable for gas lift, and insufficient gas applications. RedaCoil ESP system is suited for high flow rate wells.

  • in Submersible Water Pumps

    Schlumberger builds electric submersible pumps including water pumps. Depending on type and model, the company's pumps range in production from 100 bbl/d to 100,000 bbl/d, and are vertical or horizontal in design. The pumps are used in complex offshore, deepwater, and subsea ESP applications.

  • in Submersible Well Pumps

    Schlumberger supplies electric submersible well pump systems for oilfield applications. The company distributes vertical and horizontal pump wells up to 15,000 feet that range in production from 100bbl/d to 100,000 bbl/d. The EZLine ESP system is designed for commonly encountered low-temperature well environments, while the REDA hotline ESP system is intended for high-temperature applications. The company also supplies electric submersible pumps for high-gas well applications.