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Sundyne Corp.

Sundyne Corporation designs, engineers, manufactures, distributes and services centrifugal pumps and compressor systems for process fluid and gas industries. Sundyne's Electromagnetic division designs, fabricates and manufactures specialty motors, generators and hydraulic pumps for the transportation industry. They also have a custom parts and distribution system for repair and maintenance. Custom systems include seal-free magnetic drive pumps, water technology pumps and skid packages.

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14845 W. 64th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80007


  • in ANSI Centrifugal Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. offers ANSI centrifugal pumps in the following configurations: KV, KF, K Plus, GSA/GSI (Frame 1), and GSA/GSI (Frame 0). These pumps have heads ranging from 50 to 515 feet, flows ranging from 1 to 1,450 GPM, temperatures ranging from -120 to 500°F, and case working pressures up to 350 PSI. These pumps have a variety of applications, including: utility, scrubbers, tank car loading plastics, bio-processing, acid transfer, isomerization, OEM, bio-fuels, etc. Sundyne also offers SPGS (self-priming) and HPGS (high pressure) pumps.

  • in ANSI Pumps

    Sundyne's sealless non-metallic magnetic drive pumps meet ANSI standards and feature all Ansimag wetted parts that are non-metallic to handle a range of corrosives and solvents up to 250°F (121°C) without corrosion.

  • in Acid Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. manufactures a number of pumps for acid transfer applications. Pump types include: four-stage centrifugal pumps, non-metallic magnet drive centrifugal pumps, gear-driven centrifugal pumps, two-stage centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, self-priming magnet drive pumps, and general chemical transfer pump. Acids handled include acetic, formic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and fluroboric acids.

  • in Alkylation Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. produces alkylation pumps used for heavy-duty services within the refining, petrochemical, gas production, chemical, power generation and specialty processing industries. Available as non-metallic magnet drive centrifugal, four-stage centrifugal, two-stage centrifugal, 10th edition OH6, and multi-stage types, the pumps feature maximum flows from 40 GPM to 13,209 GPM, and maximum heads from 170 feet to 15,000 feet.

  • in Boiler Pumps

    Sundyne is a manufacturer of a wide array of pumps including boiler pumps for feedwater tanks. Other products include feed water pumps, boiler feed systems, boiler feed booster pumps and boiler circulation pumps.

  • in Booster Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. designs and manufactures a number of booster pump types including four-stage centrifugal, general service, gear-driven centrifugal, multi-stage, magnet drive sealless centrifugal, magnet drive centrifugal, self-priming magnet drive centrifugal, sliding vane, and regenerative turbine.

  • in Centrifugal Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. offers centrifugal pumps including sealed pumps, seal-less pumps, low flow API pumps, ANSI pumps, non-metallic pumps, ISO pumps, and DIN pumps. They service industries such as refining, natural gas, chemical, petrochemical, industrial, oil production, CPI and specialty chemicals. Pump variations include non-metallic magnet drive pumps, magnetic drive pumps, seal-less metallic magnetic drive pumps, low-head heavy duty pumps, high-head heavy duty pumps, multi-stage pumps and high pressure pumps. Mounting configurations include vertical and horizontal mounting and seal configurations include single, double and tandem types.

  • in Chemical Pumps

    Sundyne offers chemical processing pumps for general duty, high-head, and low-flow applications. Ansimag non-metallic drive pumps (ANSI) are offered in five models with flow rates ranging from 147 to 1,450 GPM, heads ranging from 140 to 515 feet, and case working pressures ranging from 150 to 350 PSI. HMD/Kontro magnet drive pumps (ANSI, ISO, DIN) come in 14 models ranging from the general transfer GTA/GTI seal-less configurations to several turbine models. Heavy-duty application pump designs include low-head or high-head heavy duty pumps (API-160) and HMP multi-stage pumps.

  • in Circulating Boiler Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. offers a variety of circulation boiler pumps, including: LMV/BMP-311, LMV 313, LMV-333, LMV/BMP-341, LMV-801, etc. Pumps have flows ranging from 33 to 13,209 GPM, and heads ranging from 210 ft to 6,300 ft. The maximum case working pressure is 3,469 PSI, and temperatures range from -238 to 842°F. Applications include: acid transfer, synthetic fuels, seal injection, circulation, OEM, reaction circulators, dewatering, boiler feed booster, recycling services, light oils, etc.

  • in Circulating Pumps

    Sundyne offers boiler circulation equipment for heat-absorbing surfaces to prevent overheating. Products include a variety of boiler circulation pumps in a large selection of capacities and sizes for numerous applications in industrial and commercial boiler systems.

  • in Food Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. offers food pumps in a variety of configurations, including: P-3000, P-2500, P-1500, ND, and KMLF. Model P-300 gear driven, centrifugal pumps have heads ranging from 500 to 4,200ft, flows ranging from 50 to 500 GPM, temperatures ranging from -50 to 350°F, and speed ranges from 6,756 to 17,750 RPM. These pumps are ideal for high-pressure general industry, non-API applications. Other pump configurations offered by Sundyne include KF, KV, KM, FQ, KP, etc.

  • in High Pressure Pumps

    Sundyne designs and manufactures Sunflo high pressure pumps used by OEM's in boiler feed, NOx suppression washdown, reverse osmosis, injection condensate return and seal flushapplications. Choose from the P-1500, P-2500, and P-3000 models.

  • in Hydrochloric Acid Pumps

  • in Low Flow Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. designs and manufactures a line of low flow pumps that include magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, direct drive centrifugal pumps, and gear driven centrifugal pumps. The magnetic drive pumps are ideal for low flow corrosive or acidic applications within the chemical, specialty chemical, and steel industries; and feature flows of 1 to 40 GPM. The direct drive pumps are available in three models and feature flow to 10 to 380 GPM or 10 to 150 GPM. These pumps are used for general service pumping in the HPI, CPI, gas and specialty processing industries. Designed for general industry and non-API services, the gear driven pumps feature heads to 1,300 feet and flows from 0 to 33 GPM.

  • in Low Flow, High Head Pumps

    Low flow, high head pumps designed by Sundyne Corp. include direct-drive centrifugal pump and gear-driven centrifugal pumps. The direct drive pumps feature flows from 10 to 380 GPM, and heads from 10 to 760 feet. These pumps are used in the HPI, CPI, gas and specialty processing industries. Designed for general industry and non-API services, the gear driven pumps are available with flows from 0 to 33 GPM, and with heads up to 100 to 1,300 feet.

  • in Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. manufactures API 610 and API 685 magnet drive pumps, sealless magnetic drive metallic ANSI ISO pumps, and non-metallic magnet drive ANSI pumps. The API pumps feature flows to 3,647 GPM and heads to 1,146 feet, while the metallic ANSI ISO pumps are used in high temperature, high viscosity, high pressure and hazardous applications. The non-metallic pumps have the ability to handle corrosives and solvents up to 250F.

  • in Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pumps

    Sundyne designs and manufactures multi-stage, high pressure centrifugal pumps that feature flows up to 440 GPM, 1,000 GPM, 6,604 GPM, 13,209 GPM. The pumps also feature heads to 10,000 feet, 14,500 feet, 4,920 feet.

  • in Non Metallic Chemical Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. offers: KV, KMLF (low flow), KM, KF, and K Plus non-metallic chemical pumps. Pumps have flows ranging from 1 to 1,450 GPM, heads ranging from 25 to 515 ft, and a maximum case working pressure of 350 PSI. Materials include: carbon fiber reinforced ETFE, glass fiber reinforced PFA, carbon graphite, and silicon carbide.

  • in Oil Pumps

    Sundyne designs 24 pumps for oil/gas production processes including submersible, single stage, centrifugal, and multi-stage types. Depending on model, the pumps provide flows of 400 GPM to 44,029 GPM, and heads up to 14,500 feet.

  • in Sealless Chemical Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. offers ANSI/ISO and ISO 13709 magnet drive sealless centrifugal pumps. GSA/GSI ANSI/ISO magnet drive centrifugal pumps have flows to 1,630 GPM, heads to 656 ft, and temperatures ranging from -40 to 500°F. GSA/GSI pumps are used for services in the HPI, CPI, and specialty processing industries. ISO 13709 magnet drive sealless centrifugal pumps have heads to 490 ft, flows to 1,760 GPM, and temperatures ranging from -112 to 850°F. The ISO 13709 handles solids up to 1.5% w/w with 100 microns.

  • in Sealless Pumps

    Sundyne Corp. distributes sealless magnetic drive pumps manufactured by HMD/Kontro. Used in severe conditions, the pumps conform to ATEX, ISO, API, and ANSI standards. The pumps' design allows for total containment of hazardous, aggressive or valuable product.

  • in Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

    Sundyne designs and manufactures a self-priming, magnet drive centrifugal pump that is used for transfer duty services within the HPI, CPI, and specialty process industries. The pump features flows to 264GPM and heads to 250 feet. The pump also features a maximum suction pressure of 145psi.

  • in Sulphuric Acid Pumps

    Sundyne is a designer and manufacturer of industrial pumps, including alkylation pumps for the oil refinery industry. Alkylation pumps are used to alkylate isobutane with low molecular weight alkenes in the presence of sulfuric acid or hydrofluric acid. Sundyne manufactures over three dozen models of alkylation pumps for nearly every application.